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Our Team


Chris Loeliger

Winemaker / Owner

Unofficial Title: Head Cynic and Chief Smartass

Favorite Wine: 2014 Pun, 2016 Frolic, 2014 The Confidante

Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams

Oddly, Finds Joy In: Bad 90’s pop music

Greatest Fear: Dentists

In Next Life, Wants to Come Back As: I’ve had enough “next lives” already.  I’m sticking with Winemaker.  Nothing better!

Photo by Richard Duval

Dawn Loeliger

General Manager / Owner

Unofficial Title: DaBoss

Favorite Wine: The next one

Favorite Comedian: My grandchildren (more of a comedy troupe, really)

Oddly, Finds Joy In: To do lists and Excel spreadsheets

Greatest Fear: Mediocrity and boredom

In Next Life, Wants to Come Back As: Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Diana Prince (sort of interchangeable to me)


Photo by Richard Duval


Rob Wohr

Winemaker / Owner

Unofficial Title:  Chief of gettin’ stuff done!

Favorite Wine:  All of them

Favorite Comedian: Wanda Sykes

Oddly, Finds Joy In: Horror Movies

Greatest Fear:  Having nothing to do

In Next Life, Wants to Come Back As:  a cat, then I get eight extra chances!


Keith Whisenhunt

Assistant Winemaker / Sales

Unofficial Title: Head Miscreant 

Favorite Wine: 2014 Pun, 2015 Satire

Favorite Comedian: George Carlin, for his words, wit and simple joy in the ridiculousness of being human

Oddly, Finds Joy In: Trying to throw people off balance with comedy

Greatest Fear: Being more boring than my parents

In Next Life, Wants to Come Back As: Wildlife photographer or Spaceship Capitan


Stef Vollmer 

Tasting Room Manager

Unofficial Title: Head Miscreant Wrangler

Favorite Wine: 2017 The Clever Fool, 2017 Boldfaced Lie, 2016 The Cynic… basically all the wine

Favorite Comedian: Donald Glover

Oddly, Finds Joy In: Organized chaos

Greatest Fear: Small spaces

In Next Life, Wants to Come Back As: A half-elf rogue


Winery Dog

Unofficial Title: CFO - Chief Fluffy Officer

Favorite Wine: I'll stick with water

Favorite Comedian: Chris Loeliger 

Oddly, Finds Joy In: Barking at cows

Greatest Fear: Strollers

In Next Life, Wants to Come Back As: What could be better than being a dog? 

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