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When we found out our Swiss last name means “village idiot” we did a dance, told a joke and decided it was time to start a winery!  


When we learned the translation of our name may be closer to “jester” – historically an entertainer to the king who uses humor to tell the truth – we were even more delighted.  We honor the concept of truth to power, and welcome everyone who shares our passion for laughter, stories, quirky humor, pleasurable conversation and discovering their own truth along the way. 


Our family believes wine is an experience distinctively unique to the truth within each and every one of us.  We all experience the flavors, the aromas and the memories in our own personal ways. From Woodinville to Walla Walla we invite you to laugh, share stories and discover your own wine truths with us.


The truth is between you and the wine.

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A good wine, served __________________, can make any truly __________________ occasion complete.

These red wines have a/an __________________________   flavor, while these white wines range in flavor from __________________ to __________________.

in jest





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From TruthTellers Like You

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